Ethics and rules

Ethics and rules


My objective is to help consumers choose their wine and trust me for my total independence in that respect. For this they need to be comforted with the fact that I am impartial, independent and as objective as possible when I rate wines.
I thought important to mention as clearly as possible what I believe I can do and not do to preserve my integrity.
My governing rules and guidelines are the following:

General rules

• I am not involved in the wine trade business either with producers, distributors and importers and have no commercial links with the industry.
• I am doing everything so to avoid conflict of interest and maintain my integrity.
• When I rate wines I make a total abstraction of the personal relationship I can have with the producer, merchants, importers or distributors.
• I accept to receive wine samples for tasting (one bottle) but it is made clear with producers that there is no guarantee that the wine will be rated or inserted into the database.
• I do not accept advertising or sponsorship on my website and application.


• I pay for all of my expenses (food, accommodation and transports).
• I buy 90 % of the wine that I taste, the remaining is either tastings organized by producers or done at the occasion of wine events, sometime I can receive samples.


• I derive revenues from subscription to the website and application or services to end consumers such as tastings, advice on wine collection, courses and training.
• When I organize private tastings I always mix the wines that I select for tastings and I charge a participation fee to the participants or the tasting event organization (which has to be independent such as a wine school or wine tasting organizer).


• I do not accept invitations from the wine trade business.
• I can accept invitation from general bodies such as national wine associations, regional public bodies, independent wine events organizers, hotels, corporate, banks, and more generally entities that don’t have any vested interests with specific producers, merchants or distributors.
• I accept invitations as journalists to wine trade fairs and wine events.


• I always support and encourage a responsible and moderate wine consumption.