Latina wine is using a rating grid from 70 to 100

We see the 85 mark as benchmark note corresponding to us to a well done, with no faults, balanced and good to drink wine (see our notation in Our marks section).

A wine rated by Latina wine will bear the letters LW followed by a note. For example LW 85. In the case that Latina Wine believes that a wine has some aging potential (for wine rated 85 and above) it will be followed by a “g” letter in lower case. For example LW 85g.

Specific issue as to young wines with sound ageing potential:

We are raising that issue especially because most of the wines produced in Latin America are for immediate consumption. The culture of keeping the wine in cellars for years is progressing but slowly.

We are often therefore facing the dilemma of having to rate a young wine with great aging potential but that goes on the market too soon. For those types of wines which are young or in early maturity we would generally rate those 85g or 87g if they are already good for an early consumption as well as having an ageing potential.

Notation is done by individual LW tasters and not on a collective basis.