Bodega Bouza – Uruguay’s Pinot Noir, Albariño and Riesling … better than Tannat


What an amazing winery. Bouza is a boutique winery that sits 15 minutes away from Uruguayan capital Montevideo. It has 45 hectares of planted vines including 25 in Canelones.  It’s my third visit here since 2010 and the quality of the wines go on progressing all the time. Not only the traditional cuvées keep their quality or even improve but just in few years some new wines are rapidly showing excellence. This year it’s the Riesling and the Pinot Noir that have stroke me. I have to recognize that the first Riesling of 2013 (which I tasted at Vinexpo in Bordeaux in May 2015) was not to my taste and was showing some defaults, flabby and missing structure. The 2014 is another story. It’s certainly the best Riesling I have ever tasted in Uruguay and maybe across the region too. Second new surprise was the Pinot Noir from Pan de Açucar (a terroir 80 km North East of Montevideo where Bouza has planted vines). Astonishing Pinot, on the fruits, dense, savoury and harmonious. Their traditional Albariño and Chardonnay remain safe bets. I tasted the 2016 and 2015 respectively and they are both excellent. The wines made by Eduardo Boido (historic winemaker there and in the picture above) are just perfectly dimensioned, they fit to the palate, no more no less. Another interesting common thing to the red wines that I just tasted is their light freshness. They all have those crushed jammy fruit aromas with soft spices such as ginger, cinammun or white pepper but on top of that there is freshness (lighter that the one of a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon but freshness) and that bring a great finish. Here below are my notes on the wines tasted.

  •  Albariño 2016 – 92pts
  •  Riesling 2014 – 93pts
  •  Chardonnay 2015 – 91pts
  •  Tempranillo/Tannat – 89 pts
  •  Pinot Noir Pao de acucar 2014 – 94pts
  •  Merlot 2015 – 91pts
  •  Tannat B26 Parcela Unica 2014 – 90pts
  •  Monte Vi Deu 2014 – 92pts