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Flo is French and is based in Uruguay. He is a wine critic and journalist specialized in Latin American wine.

He has been tasting wines for the last 20 years before to take the decision in 2010 to specialize in Latin American wines. He spends a lot of his time tasting wine and visiting vineyards across Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay principally. He has created Latinawine, an independent wine notation office focused on wines in Latin America. He collaborates to various websites in the region including Buenosairesconnect (www.buenosairesconnect.com) in Argentina and Mylittlebrazil in Brazil (www.mylittlebrasil.com.br). He writes articles about wine in the region in various magazines. He also organizes private tastings and provides consultancy services to wine consumers.

With humbleness he believes that maybe his critiques will help professionals and end consumers make and drink better wine. He is fascinated by the fly to quality of Latin American wines in the last two decades. He has learned his tasting skills mainly in France with great sommeliers such as jean luc Pouteau, Georges Lepré and Philippe Faure-Brac. He co-founded in 1994 the Cercle des Epicuriens and was an active member of the Cercle des Oenophiles de Neuilly. It is with passion, seriousness and methodology that he rates wines. He firmly believes that wine, beyond the grape, the soil and the climate reflects the work of the grower and the winemaker. During his trips and visits Flo likes to meet and chat with them with a view to always learn more and share experience. He likes wines that are well made and honest. Quality corks that usually announce nice content, controlled production that makes great wine.

His principles:
• Comment on wines with passion, independence and objectivity with humility and without any prejudgment. The only important thing is what is in the bottle, the rest is not relevant.
• Respect the work of the investor, owner, winemaker, and of all the people that work hard to make the best product they can.
• Comment and rate wines of a certain year, tasted at a certain date using at all time the same common systematic rigorous approach and methodology.
• Wines are usually blind tasted in quiet environments, free of smoke or other smells, with daylight and glasses washed with clear water.
• Always try to give a second thought (confirmation taste) to the wine tasted (15 minutes later) especially if the wine is to reach notes above 90.
• No prejudgment based on a bottle or an etiquette. It is the content that counts. The proof is in the pudding!